Funny Farm Vlog 4/12/13


  1. you have rabbits and ferrets too? I would have done the same thing about the rabbits if I had room. OMG YES I do hear the cows! lol
    Your flowers look soooo pretty!
    You could do some pretty Islands in the front...that would look sooo pretty!
    I should get a stroller like that for Cody! :)

  2. I love rabbits and ferrets.I used to have them but I live in an apt and it's small so I really don't have room for them.I gave my rabbit to my dad and the ferret died.Actually so did the rabbit.Now I have no animals even tho I love them so much.
    You're just so lucky to have that beautiful house and land.
    Maybe you could plant a bush or tree in front of the window.Your flowers are really pretty.
    Thank you for sharing :)


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