Hanging out with Bullet!


  1. I'm here in Martinez,Ca.It's been nice here.It was alittle warm yesterday,like 83.Today it is 68 right now(2pm)but I know it'll get warmer.The only thing I don't like is it's really windy and my allergies are bad so I have to stay in. I went out on monday and it was really windy.That's when my allergies got bad.There's a high pollen count and that's what makes me miserable.I hate not being able to open the slider and windows but the wind blows it right in my apt.Where I live it's city with rural which I love.I live 5 minutes from the marina so I go there like twice a wk to read & relax.I love taking my neices to feed the ducks.Amtrak is next to the marina so I hear the trains whistle daily.I love where I live.I have 2 starbucks,walmart,grocery stores down the st from where I live.That's alittle about where I live.Hope I didn't bore you to much. LOL! Take Care :)

    1. I know what you mean! My allergies are brutal! Especially in the spring, sometimes I have to take Benadryl and sleep it off. I always wanted to move to California when I was younger, I'd still like to go but it would be a looong flight and I don't do good on planes :)

  2. the weather here in Michigan this weekend....COLD...rainy....no sunshine. 60s this week but rain is scheduled for every day!I love how Bullet tilts his head when he listens to you! OMG soooo cute!


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