Bailey update & Bullets thought on my new hair!!!


  1. I actually think it looks pretty darned good! You are a red head!! You would look good no matter what your hair color is.
    Glad that Bailey is doing so much better! That's great!
    OMG I am dying with Bailey's cuteness!!!!
    You know what? I would get like a brown base and then do low lights and hi-lights......YES, like Bullet!
    I have a light brown base on my hair with low lights and highlights. That would look GREAT on you!

  2. I'm glad Bailey is better.I like your hair blonde.I guess that's because when I started following your blog you had blonde hair and it fits you.I remember when my daughter started coloring her hair and she came over to see me without mentioning her hair color was different.She had sort of the color you have now but more reddish in it.I didn't like it on her at all.Her natural color is brownish blonde.She's had blonde with black under it which I actually liked.She's fair skinned and so only certain colors look good on her.Now she's at black and it looks good.I told her I love her no matter what her hair color is.I jokingly told her just shave your head and start all over.In 2011 I had to shave my head from the chemo.I was so happy without hair b/c it was summer.My hair has come back in curly,woo hoo!
    Anyway back to you.It just doesn't match your skin color.You're a pretty young lady so go with what you like.It's what's on the inside of you not the outside.
    If we can ever have pets here,I want a dog like Bullet.He's just to cute and melts my heart. :)


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