Bailey's addiction to treats :)


  1. oh I think I left a comment directly on the video last night. Love this!

  2. Bailey is just to cute.I'm glad she's ok.I know how it is when something happens then you watch her like a hawk.When my daughter was younger we briefly had a mastiff/st.bernard mix.My mom got her for my daughter for Christmas and she was so adorable.Then at 4 months old she was huge.She was eating my mom's plants and tearing up the yard really bad so we brought her to ARF and they found her a great family who had lots of space for her to run around.We missed her.I have a soft spot in my heart for mastiffs & chihuahuas.Today I got a 2 yr free subscription to Bride magazine.My daughter is getting married in 2015 so this is perfect.Thank you for all your nice videos.Your hair looks cute,maybe that's your color afterall :)


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