Cute cats and crappy health insurance


  1. That's crazy to get your sugar tested at 5:30. Mine has ALWAYS been in the morning. I am hoping that you are ok.
    I agree with you about the health insurance.
    We have HAP through my husband here in Michigan and we are pretty lucky. We have a deductible where we have to pay a certain amount first, then everything else is covered.
    What kind of insurance do you have?
    Oh look at that precious kitty! Animals just love you!! She is a cute little girl. I think that is a girl because she appears to be a calico cat and calicoes are always girls!
    She loves you soooo much!
    OMG I loved that kitty kiss!

    1. yea, apparently they wanted to check it after i ate since thats what happened last time and it was still low. it was normal this time, had a cat scan done there was no findings. and that cat is awesome i want to take her home haha

  2. I love calico cats,their colors are so pretty. I understand what a pain in the ass health insurance companies are.In 2011 when I found out I had stage 2 hodgkins lymphoma and my oncologist sent my health insurance the request for the chemo.Well I got a letter denying it.My oncologist said I don't give a s--- what they say you're getting chemo.I'm like why did they think I had a port put in my chest for? They authorized that.The head nurse oh f--- them dumb asses.I was cracking up. Where I had chemo these docs and nurses are so awesome. Of course they paid for all my chemo treatments.I got billed for a blood transfusion and it cost $1,200. I called them and said I'm not paying for this.Eventually they paid for that too.I had cancer so I didn't need anymore stress.
    About your low sugar and headaches,you could have hypglocemia(sp?).I'm a type 2 diabetic and when I get headaches and low blood sugar I take 2 glucose tablets or eat somethng with sugar in it.That's just my thoughts on that.
    I hope you start feeling better.I'll keep you in my prayers.
    Thanks again for the popcorners snacks.I'm looking forward to getting them and trying them.
    I have a new email address

    1. sorry to hear you had to go through that. it's amazing that the insurance company just sees people as names on a paper instead of actual human beings! I sent the company your address, so you should be getting it within the next week or so :)


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