Popcorners Giveaway ends 6/16/13


Check them out on facebook too!


  1. oh yum!! Those look delicious!!!
    I would LOVE to try the cheesy Jalapeno!! Those sound great!
    Going to like them on Facebook too!

  2. These look so good!I'd like to try the White Cheddar & Sea Salt.I like that this is a snack that's good for me.There's so much crap in chips,crackers,etc.I'm eating better and I love popcorn & chips so this is getting the best of both worlds.Thank you for oh so yummy giveaway :)

  3. Would love to try the Twisted Salt. I'm glad snacks are getting healthier. Thanks for introducing us to new products.

    Terri David

  4. ooooo! I agree with your husband - the BBQ look yummy!! thanks!!

    tara.the.equestrian at gmail dot com


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