Where have I been


  1. Oh Noooo!!!! Were those the fake "Greenies" that you were sent as a Freebie? I have been afraid to try those. Were those the original Greenies or the other ones?
    I remember you receiving the other ones, and those aren't "real" Greenies.
    Thank goodness Bullet is ok, you had to be worried sick.
    I had had thyroid trouble, both underactive and overactive....you can have slow or fast heartbeats with both. My thyroid issues are in remission. Am hoping you are ok.
    OMG when you said the light isn't flattering and you pointed to your "bags" (which you don't have) you reminded me of Jodi Arias in the interrogation room!!!! lol!!! Geeze Colleen, no makeup??!!! (kidding! That was mocking Jodi!)
    Thank goodness you are ok, that has to be a HUGE relief!
    Sending you ((((Hugs)))) hope things get better soon!


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