Grace Adele Review

If you are looking for a classy handbag full of style look no further! I recently had the chance to check out a beautiful Grace Adele handbag for myself, and I was thrilled when it arrived! These are made of high quality and they make great gifts as well. Here is the one that I picked out:

I love that it comes with a black clutch too! The purse is big enough that you could even keep the clutch inside, or use it as a wallet if you like. Either way, it is extremely stylish. It came with a black storage bag that is perfect for storing. This way, if you are giving it as a gift you can keep it safe until you wrap it or if it's for you, it's a nice way to store it in your closet without damaging it if you switch out purses once in a while. 
If you are the type of person who switches out purses, you are in luck, there are so many colors and styles to choose from. Get one for every occasion! One for each outfit, the possibilites are endless with these beauties here!
When you head over to the website, the great part is that you can style your own bag! Yup, that's right! So there purses fit all types of styles and personalities. When you click "shop" you are sent to a page that shows:

Build My Look

This is what Grace Adele is all about: making the path to great style simple.

When you see that, you know you're in for some fun! Also, with the Holidays coming up, if you aren't sure what to get that loved one, why not let them make their own look for themselves? It's a lot of fun and a great way to bond over fashion! I am very impressed with the handbag over all, and the website is easy to navigate. The independent consultant that I worked with in building my "look" was very nice and easy to get a hold of if I had any questions. I cannot rave about her enough, the handbag, and the website! Be sure to check them out today, you won't be let down.

This product was donated by Independent Grace Adele consultant Anna Lessard.

Grace Adele
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