Hubby's new truck!

My husband has been good to me over the years, and I TRY to be good to him lol. We have a pretty good relationship and it's fairly easy. Although we do have our normal "couple fights", like everyone else, they don't last. He tells me I'm an idiot and I tell him he's dumb and then we laugh and we are over it! Anyway, his birthday is next month and I wanted to surprise him with a truck. I figured if I got it early he wouldn't expect it!
He's been wanting a truck for the longest time, since as long as I can remember. Neither one of us want a car payment, so I figured I would get something older in good condition and pay cash for it. That way, it eliminates having a car payment, and he still gets his truck for our "funny farm".
Here is the truck that I got him for his bday:

It's a Ford F150 and he loves it! Wasn't sure he would like the color but he does, so that's good. It serves the purpose :) He's happy with it, so I'm happy.
All in all it is a really nice truck, although I have to admit I'm not too sad about driving my Malibu again! He was driving that because his SUV started having transmission problems. We are going to sell that, no need for it now, and we'll still have 3 vehicles LOL. What are you gonna do, we got a farm, so we gotta fill it up somehow :)


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