TRUHAIR By Chelsea Scott Review

Recently I stumbled across a company, TRUHAIR, and I was very interested in their products. I was extremely excited when they offered to send me some products to review, and I couldn't be happier with each product that I received.

These are the products that were shipped to me. The smaller box on the left is the dry shampoo, and it was so unique! Any other dry shampoo that I have tried, are all aerosal type sprays in a can. This was a simple brush applicator style that you use to put the powder on your hair. This was a huge plus for me because the aerosol dry shampoos sometimes are too harsh and I end up coughing because it's all in the air. This is so innovative and unique! 
The middle box is the Tease Ease Extreme Volume Comb 2 pack. Although I live in VA, I am a Jersey girl, and I like to tease my hair! I was able to give my hair some extra volume, and it didn't feel like I was damaging it and it worked well.
The bottle on the right is the Shine and Hold finishing spray. After teasing my hair I like to spray it to set it, and this was very lightweight and didn't feel sticky or make my hair stiff or hard. Not only that but it smelled so clean!
The product in the back is the Volumizing Style Shapers 23pc kit. I loved this because I could add volume to my hair without using any heat! I was able to set my hair in the rollers (shapers) when it was wet and just let it dry. They didn't get tangled or pull or hurt. They were simple to use and helped with my hairs volume. The comb that it comes with makes it easy to grab the hair to roll it as well. 
Be sure to visit the website, these products make for great stocking stuffers! You can also like them on facebook and follow them on twitter.

I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, I did, however, receive free prodcuct for the purpose of this review. All opinoins are my own.

As seen on TRUHAIR'S website, "Meet Chelsea Scott":

"TRῡ Hair creator, Chelsea Scott, has been in the professional beauty industry for over 20 years. She has specialized in product development and the successful marketing of some of the leading hair care and skin care products that are available on the market today. After owning 2 popular salons and prestige beauty boutiques while working with over 50 of today's most popular hair brands, Chelsea felt like she couldn't find products that allowed us to recreate salon looks at home while being easy to use.
As a woman, she truly understands hair issues commonly faced by today’s women.  Born out of her passion for easy solutions that deliver big results – she created TruLift Hair – a way for you to get TRU RESULTS. Launching on HSN Network to an overwhelming response, TruLift Hair has quickly grown to one of the best-selling hair care lines on the network with star products such as Raise the Roots and Color-n-Lift.
In January, 2012, Chelsea is taking her hair care to the next level with 3 keys points in mind: professional formulation, prestige packaging and rebranding of the line. TRῡ Hair by Chelsea Scott will feature cutting edge technology with key items such as ReGrowth Minoxdil Hair Treatment and TRU Ceramic Hot Rollers with patented technology.
Chelsea's beauty expertise and products have been featured on NBC's TODAY Show, FOX News, The Big Idea, ABC News, and in Women's Wear Daily, Glamour, Allure, Marie Claire, Fitness, and Ocean Drive."

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