Bring SummerSox on your next vacation!

Let's face it, winter time can be a drag depending on where you live. Sometimes it's so cold you don't even want to go out! Hubby and I are currently on vacation, and I made a list of everything to bring, and still forgot stuff! One of the things that was on the list and I forgot (which I'm mad at myself), is my SummerSox! If you have been following my blog for some time, you will remember the review/giveaway I did featuring their product. I absolutely love how versatile this product is!

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As you can see from the picture, they have been added to a pair of sandals. It makes for a more comfortable feel, and it's like having a sock in your sandals without anyone else knowing it! If I had remembered to bring mine, my feet would have been a lot cozier!
Because they are machine washable, I can re-use them. I currently have them in my boots at home, but that isn't doing me any good here in Florida :) You will be amazed at how much more comfortable your feet feel.
The Holidays are coming up, so this is a great gift idea!
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