Fun at Midieval Times

Paul and I went to Midieval times while we were in Florida and had a blast. It was a bit windy, so it might be hard to hear me at times in the beginning and it was loud while we were there!


  1. I did enjoy your video. Thanks for sharing, it brought back many memories for me! I have been there several times with my kids. I love it! It is a fun, action show! I never did the picture thingy, but after seeing yours now I want one for sure the next time I go. I live in Fl so it is very close for us to visit more than once. Also, AAA members were getting a discount whenever we have been. A lot of us who live in Florida are spoiled with the events we can attend! I kinda wish I had gone with you guys!

  2. Hi Margie,

    We had a great time! We love Florida :) Let me know if you go :) Would love to see pics, really like it there.


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