Grassy Bath Mat Review

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SlipX Solutions offers a wide variety of products for your tub. I received a grassy bath mat and I love it! It feels really good on my feet, especially if they are tired! Feels like a mini massage in the shower on my feet. It sticks to your tub with suction cups and was super easy to put in. I love that it is machine washable so that I can clean it without having to get a new one each time!
It is inexpensive, but made of high quality vinyl. The vinyl is allergen-free which is a plus!
With the Holidays coming up, many people will have family coming to visit or stay with them. It's a great time to put this guy in your tub for your guests too! They will love it.
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Product description as seen on the SlipX Solutions website:

If you've ever walk barefoot on a thick, plush, soft lawn after a gentle rain then you already know what our Grassy Bath Mat will feel like under foot. Each blade of grass gently massages your tired feet while you shower. The mat adhears it's self to your bathtub floor with many strategically placed suction cups. The suction cups make it easy to install and just as easy to remove for cleaning. We recommend that you remove the mat and hang to dry following each use.

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