Off The Plank Review

Hubby and I are a fan of hot things when it comes to food! Him more than I, but I won't ever admit to him that he has a higher tolerance for hot stuff LOL. I recently had the opportunity to try some hot sauce from a company called The Caribbean Trading Company. I was sent Off the Plank Naga Jolokia Ghost Crushed Pepper Sauce.

Off the Plank Naga Jolokia Ghost Crushed Pepper Sauce 5 oz. (Extreme)
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The minute it came in the mail, we opened it and couldn't wait to try it! It definetly has a kick to it! One thing I liked right away about this was that it didn't smell bad. Some hot sauces smell awful even though they might taste good. The smell of this was "hot" we knew it, but that's all it was. I was pleased with that.
The consistency of it was great because it wasn't too watery. Some hot sauces tend to pour out fast like water, while other salsa types can be so chunky you can't get it out! This was perfect.
The flavor was great, not too over powering and just the right amount of hotness. We paired it with tacos and it tasted great, there was no foul after taste etc. This is a high quality hot sauce and I recommend you check them out to see all the different things they offer!
Not all of the sauces they carry are hot, there is something for everyone! This would make a perfect stocking stuffer this upcoming Holiday Season for the person who is always on the quest for hot sauces! They are all reasonably priced, and shipping was fast.
Aside from their website, you can also like them on facebook and follow them on twitter.

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