Grapefruit Spot Treatment Review

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The spot treatment contains salicylic acid to treat existing, prevent future breakouts, and control oily skin. Apply it directly to a pimple or oily areas. Apply it directly to oily skin to remove the shine. It even prevents the formation of blackheads. Contains 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and vitamin C.This is the best defense against breakouts of acne. Designed for use right on the spot where the acne breakout has occurred, it may be used up to five times per day to clean away the oil, and heal the site of the acne. 

Fresh grapefruit overtone scent, with a natural green tea undertone.

My Thoughts:

This was extremely simple to use. It went on quick, with no harsheness or dryness. My skin wasn't dried out after using it, and I like that it is a "spot" treatment, so a little goes a long way. It worked wonders to treat an existing break out, and I haven't seen any redness whatsoever since using this product. 
I have noticed a decrease in my skins "shineyness". It appears less oily and I had no negative reaction to this product whatsoever. 
This makes a great stocking stuffer for this Season of giving. 

Be sure to check out this product and others on the Citrus Clear website. You can also stay up to date with their latest news and sales on their social media via facebook.

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