A Billion Entrepreneurs

I think of myself as an entrepreneur, and I know many of you out there do too, especially when it comes to obtaining your goals and setting your standards. Recently, I became informed of a film titled "A Billion Entrepreneurs" by film maker Jimmy Newson. It is a film about entrepreneurship, and ultimately providing motivation and encouragement to others to obtain their goals. Newson is currently working on post production and other tasks to complete the film, but needs some help in getting there. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the film, can do so by going here and donating to the project.  You can also see the official trailer at the same link I just provided.

I feel that this is a wonderful project, and will help many once it is completed. We all have a little "entrepreneur" inside of us all, this film is such a beautiful way to motivate each and every one of us! I give a lot of credit to Mr. Newson, for all his hard work and dedication on the film, as well as his passion for  helping people fulfill their goals. 

You can also stay up to date on this project through the social media pages on Facebook  and Twitter

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