Keys To My Castle Review

Keys To My Castle offers amazing stylish keys that come in a ton of varieties, fitting everyone's style! From classic to custom designs, these babies are amazing! I am always inspired by unique items, and I love vintage style ANYTHING! When browsing the variety available, I came across several that I love! Below is the one that I received:

purest heart
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I absolutely love it! It is so unique! These are super simple to have cut to fit your front door etc, all you have to do is take it to your local key cutter (hardware store etc) and have it professionally done! 
This is such a great gift idea for a new homeowner! Or even someone who is hard to shop for, because you can surprise them with a key to their very own home that they can get cut, and pick the best style that fits their personality. 
This is such a great idea, and I am so impressed with the variety they offer. I have not had my key cut yet, because we are going to be moving AGAIN due to work, and I want to save this for our new home! 
Not to mention, how adorable this makes your key chain look :)
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