Silver Tails Pet Dental Cleaning System Review

Bailey is a hard girl to groom, when it comes to her teeth. She is a slobbery mess and it tends to make her breath somewhat stinky!

She enjoys her sleep, and is rather lazy! As you can see from the picture :)
She is a total sweetheart, and my husband has the job of cleaning her teeth. That isn't the easiest sometimes, as she is not a big fan of that at all. Recently, we had the opportunity to try the Silver Tails Vet Tech Dental Care System on Baileys teeth. What a difference it makes!

Dental Care System

It was very gentle on her, we didn't have to worry about hurting her gums or mouth at all. She actually let Paul use it on her, without jumping all around! Paul could operate it with one hand, while keeping his other hand free to use to see in her mouth, or pet her and soothe her into relaxing.  I was really impressed! Her breath wasn't as stinky, and her teeth looked nice and shiny when he was finished. I recommend this product for anyone that has a doggy friend! This makes a great gift too for the pet lover!

Product description as seen on the website:
The SilverTails™ Vet Tech™ Dental care system includes everything you need to clean your pet’s teeth and gums. The one-handed operation allows for a pleasant dental experience for you and your pet. The textured cleaning heads absorb tartar build-up, food particles and debris, and the polishing heads smooth and seal the enamel surface for a longer lasting clean.

  • Absorbent micro-fiber heads developed to thoroughly extract brushing debris
  • Polishing micro-fiber heads provide a long lasting clean
  • Gentle on sensitive teeth and gums
  • 1 month supply

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