Scott's Liquid Gold Review

I recently received several products from Scott's Liquid Gold to review. I must say, that I couldn't be happier with them!

The wood wash I used to clean our dining room wooden table. It was super easy to use, and got rid of all the fingerprints on the table. It wasn't sticky at all, and it had a clean scent. No overpowering aroma of chemicals etc. 

The Clean Screen worked wonders on my laptop screen. There was no smudges on the surface and were very easy to use. 

The Dust N' Go wipes are amazing! No streaks, and cleaned up the wood great. Wonderful in a pinch, or for in between maintenance when you aren't wiping down all your wooden items.

The Aerosol wood cleaner is an organic formula, which I love! There is no wax or silicones in the formula and it worked great!

If you are looking for some great wood cleaner products and/or wipes for your electronic screens, be sure to check out Scott's Liquid Gold to see what they have to offer! 
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