Ozeri Pedometer Review

Hubby has been working out for a while, so when Ozeri asked me if I would be interested in reviewing the pedometer, I said YES! Paul is constantly trying to stay in shape for his job, and runs a lot on the treadmill. I knew this would be perfect for him, and he could try it out and give an honest and thorough opinion!

The first thing that stands out is the slim design! It makes it easy to fit in your pocket!

It is extremely accurate and easy to use! The digital display screen is friendly to users, even those who are new to using a pedometer!

It has 7 day memory, a built in clock and a timer. The timer is always fun to use because it helps you compete with yourself on your workouts to see if you can beat the last time you had.

It's a great pedometer!

There you have it, his thoughts!

You can purchase one for yourself here on amazon.

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