Simone France Review

There are many skin care routines out there, many products and many different skin care needs. Simone France has got you covered, no matter what your skin needs!

They are a company that provides specific skin care for each persons needs. You take a simple short survey, so they know exactly what skin type you have, and they then match you up with the products you need.

I took the survey and it was super simple, I have combination skin so I wasn't sure exactly what would help me. Glad someone knew! When I received the products, I was super excited to try them. I do not have overly sensitive skin, but certain fragrances that might be in lotions tend to break me out, but that was not a concern here! Everything was simple, no harsh chemical smell and was great on my skin. It didn't break me out at all!

I have had these products for several weeks now, I wanted to use them in a fashion that enabled me to give you the best possible review with complete results from me! Having said that, my skin feels softer and more refreshed since using their products for some time. 

In the morning, I simply used the cream on my dry skin and put the exfoliating scrub on top of that. Then I added in the soap on top of that, and wiped it all off with a damp cloth. So simple and not harsh at all!

At night, the cleanser can also be used as makeup remover, so this was a saved step for me! I removed it with a cloth and added some toner onto my face.

Simple right?! This is so great to have a skincare routine based on my skin type, to know that I am doing the right thing in taking care of my skin by using the right products.

I love their products! I strongly recommend them for anyone to try! 
You can find Simone France on twitter & facebook as well.

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