Sun Love

I have covered products from Annemarie Gianni Skin Care before, and I'm in love with their products. When they contacted me to review a new product they were coming out with, and to tell you guys about it, I was thrilled!

One of them main reasons I love them so much, is their products are all natural. There is no harsh chemicals whatsoever! I firmly believe that whatever you put on your skin, gets absorbed into your body, including chemical ingredients! That's why I'm very happy with this brand. No worries about what's getting into your body!

Sun Love is their newest product, and it's natural sun protection! That's right, now you can go out and protect your skin in the sun all natural with no harsh additives and/or chemicals! It helps prevent sunburn and the aging affects from UV rays.

It has such a wonderful scent. It's nice not to walk around smelling like you have a ton of perfume or foul smelling chemicals on your skin. It's gentle on your skin, which is great for those who are sensitive. 

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