Delfogo RX Toner Review

Delfogo RX sent me a bottle of their fresh seaweed extract toner to review, and I am thrilled with it!

Every time I wash my face, before applying lotion, I like to use a toner to even out my skin tone and try to keep balance in my pigmentation. There are a lot of different toners out there, but here are the reasons I like this one:

1. Removes impurities trapped in pores. This is important to me because I have very large pores and tend to get black heads easily. 

2. The seaweed in it gives my skin a deep clean but is gentle! I tend to have somewhat finicky skin with certain products, so that is great for me.

3. Softens the skin. My skin feels so much smoother after using this product.

All in all, this is wonderful! Thank you Delfogo RX for making yet another great product!

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