Happy Birthday To My Little Man

Today is Bullet's 6th Birthday! This little guy came into my life at  a time when  I needed him more than he needed me! Since then, he has always been there for me, even on my cranky days! He gives me unconditional love, and looks at me with those eyes that no one can turn away from!

He is a part of everything I do! If I go to the store, I hate leaving him home! Even though he has 2 other dogs and 2 cats to play with,  I still feel guilty! He is so in tune with me and my feelings, he knows when I'm upset and even licks my face when I cry tears of pain or sorrow.

He was the ring bearer at our wedding:

When I tell you that he is my everything, I mean it! Paul makes fun of me, because I'll talk to Bullet and say "who's the handsomest man" and he looks at me and turns his head. He knows! Paul then says "well, I know it's not me" hahah! 

There are those that consider animals as pets, but he isn't a pet. He is my child. He is my everything. Although I know that animals lives are short on this earth compared to a humans in most cases, I know that there will inevitably come a time when I won't have him. Although I celebrate his birthday, I fear each year that passes. He is my life! But I hold to my faith, in the fact that he'll one day welcome me once again with his loving jump and kisses as he stands with my loved ones on the other side. I try to embrace that, holding onto it as a sort of comfort, because he is my baby, and although we do not have children yet, no one or nothing can ever replace him. I have one baby in this world, and only one. I never thought it possible to have such a bond with a dog, we have 2 other dogs, but there is just something that exists between him and I that I cannot explain. Although I treat all my animals as children, he is THE baby! My one and only :)

We are going to have a happening Sunday night and celebrate his birthday with cake (biscuit) and can food for dinner for all the doggies!

I can honestly say, that I would give my life to save his, as he has saved mine in more ways than one!

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