Happy Belated Birthday Bullet- From Dakota

Hey guys, you might have seen the posts last week regarding Bullet's birthday. We received a Happy Belated birthday and wanted to share it with you! This comes from Caren and Dakota over at the blog  Dakota's Den. If you are an animal lover, than you will want to check out their blog because they have super fun posts and giveaways!

"Dear Bullet, my Mom is having me paw out this belated birthday letter for you! (You know my Mom is a lazy slacker). Mom said to tell you that when she first saw you on your Mom's blog years ago, she fell in love with you! When Mom was about 7 years old, her next door neighbor had a Chihuahua (Mom can't remember the name). Mom sooo loved that dog! She and her friend used to dress it up in baby clothes, put it in a baby buggy and walk down the street and tell people to "look at my baby." That is when Mom first fell in love with Chihuahuas!! When Mom saw you she thought (and still thinks), that you are one of the most ADORABLE Chihuahuas she has ever seen! Mom loves when your fur grows and your hair is longer and wilder. BOL! Anyway, Mom and I both love you and want you to know what an incredibly special Chihuahua you are! We think the world of you!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and "Mom""

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