Window Vases

Do you love decorating with fresh flowers but do not have a ton of counterspace or adequate window ledge for room? Than you are going to love this!

I enjoy fresh flowers in my home from time to time, problem is my cat likes to knock the vases over. Now, I do not have to worry about that.


These window vases are made of a vinyl/plastic material. They are soft, flexible and flat. They attach to any window, mirror or other non-porous surface. You can stick these up with suction cups, fill with water and tada! That's it, easy as that. 

I love this product because as I said my cat knocks over vases, but with these she can't. It eliminates my problem of not being able to have fresh cut flowers!

They are made in the US and are a perfect addition to any home. They make a unique gift as well.

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