Paul Mitchell Pet Grooming Kit

Did you know that Paul Mitchell also has a line of fabulous pet  products to help you care for your furry companion?

I received a grooming pack for Bailey. 

It came with an oatmeal conditioning spray, which is perfect for her, because she has dry skin! This was super easy to use because it came in a spray bottle, so this is perfect if you have finicky bathers who don't like to get groomed/bathed!

Also in the pack was a bottle of waterless foam shampoo. This works great because I can just rub it in her fur, and brush it out! All the good cleaning of a bath, without ME getting wet from her acting crazy in the tub :)

Both products worked very well for her and were very gentle on her skin.

She also received a comb and it worked wonders!

You can see how well it grabbed her loose fur and made it easier to clean up the "shedding" hair on her. She enjoyed getting combed, and here she is to prove it!

One of the main reasons (aside from working well) that I love these products, is because they are cruelty free and not tested on animals! That is very important to me. 

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