Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

Drinking water is very important! You need to stay hydrated, but tap water isn't always the best for you, filled with impurities, and bottled water isn't the best for the environment. So, what do you do? Well, Clearly Filtered offers a water pitcher with anti-flouride technology. Just what does that mean? You can get clean filtered water right in your home, just by filling up this pitcher. It gets "filtered" and then you just put it in your fridge to get cold. Simple as that! 

It's easy to pour, and just the ride size for the fridge. Holds enough water without taking up too much space. Also each filter lasts approximately 6 months! You can't beat that!

The water tastes crisp and clear, so you don't have any impurities that you might find in your every day tap water. This is a great investment for your family!

It was extremely easy to assemble!

Be sure to head over to the website and check out all that they have to offer!

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