I Love Pinrose!

Whenever I get dressed to go out, I love picking out a fragrance to wear. I have a ton of them, but I didn't realize I was missing out on such amazing scents until I came across Pinrose!

I took their quiz to find out what fragrances were right for me, and it was super fun! I received three petal packs, all different scents that the quiz matched me up with. No worries, because their is a wide variety offered.


My favorite that I received was the campfire rebel fragrance, AMAZING!

All you have to do to find the right scent for you, is take the fun quiz and you will be matched up with three fragrances that are a fit for you! You will get three sample sizes in the mail to try, which is great because you can keep on trying different ones in addition to what you are matched with. This way, you get to "test out" a variety of them, it's fun to see if your favorites are those that the quiz matched you up with!

This is a fun idea for friends and family too! Why not have them take the quiz and get them some Holiday gifts at the same time?!

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