My Dogs & The Guilt Trips They Put Me On!

Let's face it, my dogs are my kids! I am sure many of you feel that way as well, sometimes they put on the charm, and sometimes they know how to make you feel bad when they want something! We recently moved into a new house and my dogs felt a little neglected. Although they are NOT in anyway ever neglected, they sure act like it when I have things to do. They are used to snuggling up with me on the couch while I write my blog, or following me around the house as I clean etc. When you throw a monkey wrench in their routine, and mommy has stuff to do, they will give me the saddest puppy dog eyes and put me on the biggest guilt trip! Each one has their own personality, and guilt trips me in a different way!

First there is Sadie. She becomes the stalker beagle when I have things to do:

I went out on the deck, and she was peering at me through the window screen. She climbed up on the back of the couch for the best view, she had to see what I was doing. Notice the "oh so sad" face because I stepped outside without her!

Bullet becomes the saddest chihuahua ever, acting like he is so alone:

If I have something to do, when I am done and I go to pay attention to him, he won't look at me. Then if I start walking away, he'll look at me. We make eye contact and he looks away again! 

Then there is Bailey, she is the quiet girl that gives you the saddest doe eyes! She wanted to go outside and lay on the deck in the sun (one of her favorite things to do) but then got upset when I wouldn't sit out there with her, as if having things to do is horrible!

Now that things are calming down, and I am mostly unpacked, we are getting back into our normal routine. Therefore the guilt trips have subsided :)

What do your fur babies do if you can't pay attention to them for a second???

Love them dearly!

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