True Tori Season 2

I really wasn't sure what to expect with season 2 of True Tori, since the first season ended on an "unsure" note. With the opening of this season, it showed the couple still trying to work things out. With 4 beautiful children, of course there is so much more at stake. 

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There are many of you who will say "she deserves it" or "what did she think would happen" due to the way they met, but no matter how you feel there is one thing that can't be argued. Tori Spelling is heart broken and trying to keep on trucking' for her children. 

I can't imagine the type of strength that takes to do that, however, I don't have children of my own. Maybe a mothers love has unconditional strength, powered by a connection with your child.

My heart does go out for their entire family, as there are so many affected by the "scandal". I have been a fan of Tori Spelling since the 90210 days, and yes I had the Donna Martin barbie doll and the 90210 sweatshirt too! 

I was glad that Lifetime took on the show for another season, and I am hoping that Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott can make it work for their families sake.

Since it was the first episode, there wasn't much difference since the first season ended. It showed that the couple went on vacation and had a blast, yet back to reality when they came home. Tori thought she might be pregnant and it turns out she isn't.

Oh, she did want to see a picture of the woman that Dean cheated on her with, Emily Goodhand. I can understand her desire and curiosity for wanting to see it, but like her friend said to her during the show "you can't unsee it, are you sure". Tori said she was surprised because she didn't think the girl was that attractive, and it made her feel worse, as if Dean would sleep with more types of women than she thought i.e. not just "model types" I guess is what she meant. 

Photo property of Lifetime, used for demonstrative purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Tori should have peeked at the photo? Would you have?

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