Beauty Without Cruelty

You know I am an animal love, but what you don't know is that I have found a company who loves animals just as much as I do! 

Beauty Without Cruelty is a company that offers beauty products that are vegan friendly and cruelty free!

I received several products and I love them!

First I received some shampoo & conditioner that is intended to revitalize all hair types. 

They both have a very subtle and pretty scent. Nothing overbearing. The shampoo sudsed up rather quickly, so a little bit went a long way. The conditioner rinsed out well, no greasy residue left over in my hair after drying it, and it worked wonders on the knots!

I also received a bottle of their Natural Hold Hairspray:

I love that this is a pump hairspray and not an aerosol can! That is the first thing I noticed! It sprays out softly, so you don't have to worry about over spraying your hair. It didn't make my hair sticky to the touch, and kept it in place!

Did I mention the gorgeous Mermaid color nail polish? It's gorgeous and went on smooth. No clumps or globs and super easy to apply. It stayed on like a champ, and I tend to wash my hands a lot! It dried rather quickly and I'm in love with the color.

The last product I received was the Hair & Scalp Treatment shampoo & conditioner:

It has a wonderful scent of rosemary, tea tree oil & mint. These were by far my favorite! My hair felt soft and appeared smoother after using these, and they offer such a clean smell. 

These, along with their other products would make great gifts this Holiday Season!

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