Sadie Loves Her Loving Bowl

My dogs are my children, they are family & I treat them as such. When I found out about The Loving Bowl I couldn't be happier!

The Loving Bowl is a veterinary approved bowl that makes it easier for your furry friend to eat, and less mess for you to clean up! It's perfect for animals with a flat face because of its design, your pet doesn't have to keep going around and around at the bottom of the bowl for those kibbles!

Even the bottom of the bowl is cute, with it's non skid hearts!

The sloping modification inside the bowl is the secret to an easier meal. 

You can even use it for a water bowl if your fur baby is older or has any jaw problems. Due to the slope, it keeps the water in one smaller spot, making it easier to access.

Sadie enjoys eating her breakfast and dinner out of her Loving Bowl:

Also, this bowl is not just for dogs! You can use it for your cats or rabbits, perfect for any animal with a flat face, it helps keep the food out of their skin folds and makes less clean up for you :)

This Holiday Season, please consider a Loving Bowl for your pet or as a gift for someone else's pet too!

I couldn't be happier with this product, what a great concept!

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