Who's New To The Farm?!

We recently moved, and with moving, we also added a few new faces to our little funny farm! 

Prior to our move we rescued a little kitten:

He is growing like a weed and is going to be huge! Our mechanic had told us that someone "dumped" him off, he was very young and dirty but a total love bug. My heart melted, I called my husband to come up and see him, and now he lives with us :) We named him Jase.

We also got 5 game hens, they are "wild" but they are slowly starting to come around. They will eat out of my hand, but they aren't the most gentle lol. They come running up to me when they see me come out the door because they are used to me now, which makes me feel good, and they know I am the one who feeds them!

Then, the other week, we went to a farm to buy a burn barrel to burn our leaves. The farmer had some young hens for sale, they were oh so cute and oh so sweet, sooooo.... they came home with us!

Even when we are working on the farm, I can still be seen checking my social media and chatting it up with you guys :)

Thank you guys for sticking with me even when my posts got a little sparse during my move. Moving is hard to begin with, but add several coops and chicken runs and outside equipment and it's even more work LOL. 




  1. Wow, so much happening! The kitty is so cute! And I am sure he is very happy with his new home. Lucky little guy. Enjoy your new home!

  2. Absolutely love the new additions! Do you have as much land as before? Pls do a tour like you did with the other house! Congrats on the move!


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