New Products By Chenille Kraft Company

I recently received some products from the Chenille Kraft company that I wanted to share with you. 

Embossed Paper Set

Fine Art Collection
2 each of 8 designs in larger sizes
designed for full scale art projects.
Introduce students to the work of
Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van
Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet,
Gustav Klimt, Grant Wood, Edward
Munch and Roy Lichtenstein in a
fun new way! Sizes range from 7.5” x 7.5” to 11” x 7”.

Fine Art Embossed Paper Set

Kit contains 4 each of 8 embossed papers
With artistic masters designs and includes
crayons, watercolor paint tray, colored
pencils, oil pastels, drawing chalk, instruction
sheet and fun facts. Papers can be used an
unlimited number of times as traditional
rubbings or individually for a unique personal masterpiece.

WonderFoam® Giant USA Photo Puzzle Map

Our WonderFoam® Giant U.S.A. Photo Puzzle Map
brings history to life! This beautiful map is chock
full of fun facts and will pull your kids into history
and geography like never before.
Take a walk through the American revolution,
enjoy the natural beauty of California, or discuss
the Battle of Little Big Horn! From American
history, to music and geography we cover it all.
• 57 total puzzle pieces
• 50 state pieces (Connecticut & Rhode Island as 1
piece, Michigan in 2 sections)
• 5 Great Lakes
• 2 interlocking play bars (to attach Alaska and
• Fun Facts History and Landmark Study Guide

I was very pleased with these products. Made of high quality, you can tell that each product is made with the child in mind. What a fun way to learn, without realizing they are learning! Making it fun by offering educational items. 

They offer a wide selection of different things that you are sure to love. They offer all educational items for your child to help them learn and grow in a fun matter. 

Check out the Facebook page and give them a "like" so that you can stay up to date on all of their newest products and deals! 

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