My Dogs Are In Love With Vital Essentials

You know my dogs are extremely important to me and a huge part of our family. That's why I like to give them the best of everything, from food to treats! I recently received a couple packs of treats from Vital Essentials, they offer healthy and nutritious dog treats for your furry friend that they are sure to love.

They didn't have a favorite, they liked them all equally. Each of my dogs has their own personality, and with that, their own tastes. But they all loved these treats.

The vital treats are freeze dried and packed with flavor your dog will love. They are made with all natural animal protein that nutrition that all dogs crave. 

I love that the bag of treats were resealable, it made it easy to keep them fresh. They offer a wide selection of goodies for dogs and cats, so be sure to check them out today!

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