Coverplug Paintable Outlet

When we purchase a new home, remodel a room etc, there are times when we want to do away with a outlet. Maybe it just doesn't look right there, or maybe there's no need because after a remodel there's another one close to it. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to cover or remove an outlet, it's a lot easier to cover over it and be able to paint that cover to blend in with the wall. 

With the Coverplug, you can do just that. It is made of a durable plastic that can go into a grounded double electrical socket that covers the entire outlet. Once painted to blend in with the wall it will look like this:

You can also use it as a safety measure for children. It is held securely in place so there is no worry of a child sticking something into the outlet.

My husband and I just purchased a home and are planning on doing a little remodeling so this is coming in handy!

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