My Dogs Are In Love With Snuggle Pet Products

You all know that my dogs are my kids! I do whatever I can for them to keep them safe, happy and feeling loved. There are times, when I have to go out and they get lonely. Since I work from home, most of the time I'm only gone an hour or two, but there are times when I have a few things to do outside the home and am gone several hours. It's nice to know that there is a product from Snuggle Pet Products that keeps my fur babies feeling secure, snuggled and safe while I'm out.

Bullet, my chihuahua, loves his blanky's. Whenever we are snuggling on the couch, he wants his blanky. I have to admit, whenever I take one out of the dryer after washing it, he gets so excited. He was beyond thrilled when he received the  most adorable blanket and toy:

Not only is the blanket super cute, but it's extremely soft and snuggly. It has quickly become a favorite for him! That puppy in the corner was sent to him along with the blanket, it's a brown mutt snuggle puppy. It is such a good fit for him, because he can snuggle up to it, and it has a pulsing heartbeat which makes him feel like he is snuggling another dog, not just a toy. It helps dogs with anxiety and loneliness as well, so it's perfect if your dog suffers from separation anxiety when you go out. There is also a heat pack that goes inside, so that not only does it help your pet feel like he/she is snuggling up to a real puppy, but the warmth is super comforting.

Here is what the heart looks like, requires batteries and goes inside the toy:

Here's Bullet when I first put the beating heart and heat pack inside:

You can tell he was unsure at first, as he is with all dogs, that means he really thought this thing was real!

Also, Bailey our mastiff, fell in love and wanted to snuggle too:

If you have fur babies, than I strongly recommend checking out all of the great products Snuggle Pet Products has to offer, you won't be disappointed!

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