One Fur All Candle = No More Stinky Pet Odors!

You all know that I have 3 dogs, and they are adorable! Sometimes, their smell isn't so adorable thought. Like when it's raining out and they come in from outside with that "wet dog" smell, or it's hot out and they just stink! I love them but let's face it, sometimes they don't always smell as cute as they look. That's where the One Fur All Candle comes in.

I am constantly burning candles to try to mask the "dog odor" smell, especially for those who don't have pets that come to visit. Some people who aren't animal lovers just don't understand that "smell". Not to mention I love the ambiance that a candle provides when lit, it's nice and cozy at night while relaxing and watching some tv with the pups.

This candle has adorable packaging so it makes a cute gift idea for your friends who have pets in their home! Aside from the packaging, the candle smells amazing! I received the Lavender Green Tea scented candle, and it was just the right amount of fragrance. Not too overbearing, with the perfect hint of lavender making my home smell so good.

This candle comes in three different scents: Lavender Green Tea, Fresh Citrus & Pumpkin Spice. They are very reasonably priced at $19.95 a piece. Each candle is made in the US & is infused with essential oils. I love that they are made with soy wax and can burn for 70 hours! 

It really does neutralize the pet odor in the home, when I had company over they said not only did the candle smell good, but they couldn't smell any "pets". Perfect compliment from someone who doesn't own any dogs!

I'm super happy with this, and I know you will be too so be sure to check them out. What's even better is that this company has donated their time to help care for rescued animals and aid in their adoption. They also have a fundraiser program to help non-profit no kill rescues pay for much needed care of this precious animals. 

Whether you are a candle lover, animal lover or both, there is no better place to spend your money on candles because not only do you get the product you want, you are helping other animals too!

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