The Brightest LED Lantern

Living in the country has some disadvantages. When we take the dog out at night, there are no street lights to help us see and our porch lights only reach so far. That's where this 300 Lumes LED Ultra Bright Lantern comes in!

We can take her out to do her business when it's dark, and be able to clearly see where we are going! Perfect combination of safety and convenience. But, that's not the only use for it! That's just what we use it for a nightly basis.

It's perfect for camping, during power outages etc. It requires D batteries, that's it. 

It's extremely bright, and doesn't get hot at all. The carrying handle is super convenient, and reminds me of the "old school" lanterns they used back in the day! It is made of sturdy rubber and ABS plastic for durability and water resistance.

I can't say enough about this, even if you don't go camping and don't live in the country, this is still a great thing to have in case of a power outage during a storm etc.

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