Introducing The 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

I recently drove around in the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander, I had it for one week and I couldn't be happier with it! Here is what it looked like when I first laid eyes on it:

I love how stylish it looks. That was the first thing that I noticed!

Some of my favorite features the outside of the vehicle is equipped with include:

Fog lights with chrome accents
Color-keyed power side-view mirrors with turn indicators
Heated side-view mirrors
Rear privacy glass
Rear wiper/washer with defroster

I was excited to get behind the wheel and check out all that the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander had to offer!

When I sat inside, I was so impressed! There are so many interior features that are amazing, and the following features are the ones that I found most useful (or just simply loved):

7 passenger seating (this is wonderful if you have children, and perfect for car pooling to sporting events etc)

Heated front seats
Rearview camera system
SiriusXM satellite radio

And so much more, but those were my absolute favorites! 

Now, let me tell you how well it drove! First off, my dad has a very bad back, and every little bump in the road bothers him. When he came to visit, I took him for a ride and he couldn't believe how smooth of a ride it was! He said that he couldn't feel ANY of the bumps in the road, and the seats were extremely comfortable for him. 
I also loved how comfortable the drivers seat was. No matter where I drove, I never felt the need to move around in the seat to get comfortable. It was as if it contoured to my body and it was wonderful!
My husband sat in the back, and he said the exact same thing!

Driving at night and during the day was a breeze! The dash made it super simple to read all of the gauges that I needed to so that I could drive safely.

The sunroof is a great plus, and although it was very cold so I didn't open it, it was nice to be able to "look out" at the beautiful sky.

One day, I went into town and needed to get some things from the grocery store. To my surprise, by the time I got out of the store the parking lot was covered in snow! I'm leery of driving in the snow to begin with, so I was not happy to say the least. I quickly put my groceries in the trunk (which by the way has PLENTY of room) and you can see from the picture below that the snow was even coming down and in the trunk as I was trying to put my groceries in there!

This was the view as I got in the drivers seat:

The minute I started driving I couldn't believe how well the tires gripped the road! I started feeling more at ease when I saw how wonderful the Mitsubishi Outlander handled in the slick snow! There were people in front of me who were sliding, but I never slid once! I quickly realized I was driving in the snow with complete confidence thanks to the Outlander, and that is a huge accomplishment! 

The next day, the snow started to melt, and I quickly told EVERYONE how confident I was driving in the snow and they were shocked! Everyone who knows me, knows that is not something that I am normally comfortable with, and this vehicle is amazing in the snow! 

As the weather got nicer, I decided to take my chihuahua out for a ride. I grabbed his little safety car seat, put it in the front passenger side and off we went. The look of happiness on his face speaks for itself!

I want to personally thank Mitsubishi for keeping us safe in the snow! What a wonderful vehicle, and with an average of 26 MPG and a MSRP of $29,645.00 I couldn't ask for anything better!

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