Purex 3 In 1 Laundry Sheets Smell Delightful!

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I love Purex products, when I received the Purex Complete 3 In 1 Laundry Sheets, I was super excited. Not only is it very easy to use, but it smells delicious!

It's perfect for anyone who travels a lot, because you don't have to carry around heavy laundry bottles in addition to scent boosters and fabric softeners etc, this does it all. Even if you live in an apartment, I love the fact that you don't need to carry a heavy bottle of detergent up steps! I used to live in a second floor apartment, and I wish they had these then!

Want to know how it works? Just throw a sheet in the washer, yup that's it! I love how convenient this is, how great it cleans my clothes and how all the clothes smell after the wash. Amazing.

No worries about spilling or making a mess which I am a klutz at times so this is great for me.

They are available now, but might not be for long as it is discontinued and becoming scarce, so stock up while you can!!!!!!

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