Update On My Injury


  1. I feel so bad for you. I had a frozen shoulder for over a year and had to go to PT. It was sooooooooooo painful!!!!!!
    But...watching Sadie kissing you is beyond adorable!!!!!
    I am soooo happy the bloodwork is normal! YES!!
    Can't they send you for PT? Wondering if they can't because of where it is located. Please feel better soon!
    Kisses to precious Sadie! Love to you!!! xoxo
    OMG she is a sweetheart!!!

    1. HI Caren! Thye gave me PT for at home, sooooooooo just trying to get it where it was :) Thanks for the love!!!!

  2. You poor thing. I hurt my back 16 yrs ago at work. Its only gotten worse because arthritis has set in my back, shoulders and knees. Arthritis can be so painful, and not just when its cold. Heat helps me. Im sure your doing better since this is from a couple wks ago. I will keep you in my prayers


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