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Do you love eating healthy but don't like the taste of some of it???? Then this is for you! I am in love with the apple crisps from Brothers All Natural! They offer all natural apple crisps without additives or preservatives that are good for you but you'll love the taste! Even for the pickiest of eaters. Great for kids, and what's more they have come out with the "Frozen" box, showing Anna & Elsa, the two most famous characters for kids now!

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Words from Brothers All Natural regarding this great product!

"Somewhere, in a land far away, someone used their magical powers to freeze dry these apples and turn them from ordinary, regular apples into special, take with you anywhere, and eat any time apples! Ready for building a snowman, building your very own ice castle, or finding true love, these are the perfect snack for a princess on the move."

"We are thrilled to introduct the newest member of the Brothers All Natural Disney line: Frozen. Featuring all the favorite characters: Elsa, Ann, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, getting your little princess (or prince!) to choose a healthy snack has never been easier!"

​"Positioning Benefits
At Brothers All Natural, we are dedicated to helping parents and caregivers build life-long, healthy eating habits and to helping you live a happy, healthy life. With that said, there are several benefits to our freeze dried fruit snacks:
  • There are full servings of fruit in every bag
  • "Frozen" characters help to "sell" the idea of trying a new, healthy snack - rather than one loaded with sugar and additives
  • Individually bagged, they're convenient to just "grab and go"
  • Introducing raw, whole foods as a snack is a great way to build lifelong healthy eating habits"

As you can tell these are made with your children in mind! It's a great snack idea for lunches on the go, school and if needed, you for work!
You can pre-order your snacks here.
The kind company is offering FORTY bags to one lucky winner! You read that right! Boxes of 5 packs, all for one winner! Be sure to get your entries in by using the form below. This is one great prize.

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