I'm In Love With The 2015 Kia Optima

Check out the Kia Optima SX (2015) and how stylish it is!

When this sleek car pulled up into my driveway, to say excited is an understatement when describing how I felt. I wanted to get in it right away and show it off!

I really felt that the inside was luxurious, and it was so amazingly comfortable when driving it.

The seats have so much cushion to them, it felt as if I was sitting on air! No back problems and areas falling asleep from sitting! The back seat was just as comfortable for my husband when we went to dinner. We took my dad to a nice restaurant and rode in style! Everyone was comfortable.

There was plenty of leg room for my husband to sit back there and he is 6'. 

The trunk space is amazing. I went to pick up cat litter and chicken feed for the farm and wala! Fit simply in there with no issue and had extra room besides to fit more groceries etc.

One of the cool things I liked that was different about this car was the gas petal, it looked so stylish I took a pic for you to see it:

Very easy to steer, comfortable to drive and stylish to show off.

When we went to dinner, it was getting dark. The lights illuminated great so I could see the road easily, and since it's the country that's important because of the deer. They are all around! Not to mention how great it looked at night when it was lit up!

There are a lot of safety features with this vehicle and since it is a roomy comfortable ride, I would recommend this for a family or single person! 

The MSRP is reasonably priced at $31,310 making it affordable on a family budget as well as a single person. All around a great vehicle, if you're in the market test drive one!

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