Sadie's New Toy!

Sadie loves playing with any toy, but she usually destroys it. So I was glad when I received the Kong Holiday Jumbler Football Dog Toy from to give her.

She loved it! It's a 2 in 1 ball that keeps her busy! There is a tennis ball inside and she goes nuts! She loves batting it around and carrying it with her wherever she goes. I like that it's durable because as I said she likes to destroy her toys. Making it expensive for me and sad for her cause she doesn't have anymore lol. 

She loved the squeak noise, it got her going! There's handles on it so it was easy for her to pick up and engage. She likes to fetch so we had fun with it together.

Here she is all tired from playing:

She tucked herself in! 

If you are still looking for a durable toy that your dog can't destroy, be sure to head over to and pick up one for your furry friend! Thanks for reading!

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