Morticia Loves Carnivore Cat Food!

We have a newer cat, that you might not remember! We got her several months ago, and I posted a video when she was still a kitten asking what you thought we should name her! She sure is a cutie, and now that she is getting bigger, she plays with the big cats and eats their food! She was delighted to try the Variety Pack Canned Cat Food that we received off

We love that website and order some food from them for the dogs, so it seemed only fitting that we try something for the cats!

This particular canned food is awesome for your cat because it contains real meat, is grain free & gluten free! So if your cat is sensitive to allergies in grain and gluten, no worries!

Variety packs are amazing because they come in different flavors so even if you have the pickiest cat you are sure to find something they love. Here is Morticia enjoying hers:

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