My experience with VPS and Dedicated Servers in China from compevo

Finding a good web hosting company is hard whether or not it is just a single domain you are hosting, a VPS or Dedicated Server, there are so many choices depending on the country you need.  In my case I was after China and there are few English speaking providers, and of those most are from China which is not good in the case of any dispute with them!  Then combine that with the prospects of finding a company with off-shore hosting services, that accepts PayPal, speaks English and actually offers a good product is even harder.  Most of the other companies which offer China as a location in my opinion did not respond professionally or seem very knowledgeable.  compevo communications has fit the bill on quality, reliable hosting service on that front and more, being a company from Canada they offer in-house support and accept PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin and even Perfectmoney!

I've chosen a compevo China VPS and Dedicated Server for my personal and business use.  In China it is important to remember that there are some restrictions but if you are storing data, needs lots of bandwidth then it is an excellent choice.  Hosting in China is easy and fine for business use but you need an ICP license and this must be done by someone in China.  If being in China, Hong Kong, Singapore or Korea is not for you then consider that their main website offers Dedicated Servers in the US and Canada as well.

What I like about compevo is the reliable service and excellent support which is really priceless when I don't have to worry if my host will disappear over night (compevo has been around since 2001 so no worries there).

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