Cord N' Cable Clips, Great For Any Home!

Do the cords and cables behind your TV, computer, or game consoles look like spaghetti junction?  Does is seem like they multiple when you’re not looking?
Well, McNaughton Inc., the problem-solving company, has a simple, affordable, cord management solution: New Master Mounts Cord n’ Cable Clips! 
Cord n’ Clips help organize and route your cords and cables, creating a more efficient, uncluttered behind-the-scene situation. The clips are backed with double faced foam adhesive so they can attach to many different surfaces, both horizontally and vertically. They come in a pack of 10 that includes three different clip sizes.  Each clip will hold 1-6 cords, depending on the cord sizes. 
There are many benefits to managing your cords.  Your space looks neater, you avoid damaging your AV equipment, and you protect your spendy cables and cords.  One more benefit:  Cord n’ Clips are ONLY $3.99!
For additional information or to buy Master Mounts Cord n’ Clips, go to  
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So, what did I think of this great idea? I LOVE it! You see, aside from the normal home's needs of something like this product, I have cats that like to chew chords! Yup, that's right. So when I can keep them tight and manageable, they aren't sticking out tempting those cats! Not only does it save me money from buying more chords and replacing them, but it also eliminates the risk of a fire hazard when they are chewed! Since using this, my cats have not been tempted to play and chew on the chords behind my tv and I'm thrilled about it because it's a wonderful thing!

I recommend this product to anyone looking to tidy up their home wires or for anyone who, like me, has cats that like to chew!

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