2016 Sonata Eco Is A Dream!

When this beauty pulled in my driveway I was shocked, it looked amazing! 

I recently sold my old 2002 Hyundai Accent, and I love driving new Hyundai's and seeing how far they've come! The changes are amazing through the years, but one thing is certain, they last! My car was an '02 and was still going strong! I sold it to someone for their first car, and he was thrilled, and I was happy knowing he had a safe vehicle to drive.

That being said, onto this stunning car!

How stylish is that? I felt so "cool" driving it, like I was young again, and no I'm not revealing my true age haha. But, let's face it, aside from being "cool" there's more important things in a car. This car had it all! Safety features, comfort, storage for plenty of things in the back seat and trunk, leg room in front and back, and I could go on and on.

Steering was a breeze, the steering wheel gripped easily and I was really comfortable in the drivers seat.

Of course it has the latest gadgets, so my husband was thrilled! 

The dash was easy to read and lit up well at night.

And yes, it was amazing on gas! I love that in todays economy you don't have to break the bank or take out a loan to gas a fashionable car! If you are looking for a good family car, that is economical and safe, look no further! It's comfortable on long drives, comes equipped with many options, saves money on gas, has plenty of room in the trunk and did I mention it's stylish??????

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